barrack obama wants you to buy a chevy volt...he also says we arent paying our fair share in taxes while he just keeps spending money left and right pretending to care about you and me but he is living it up boy i mean big time he has lots of cash and why spend it when he can spend our money to campaign for another term...meanwhile he admits to using cocaine and smoking pot and drinking too much...he is a fraud there are onyl two reasons you change your name one is that you are in entertainment the other reason is you are hiding your past barry soetoro...yep he hasnt dont anything but damage america...he is real good at convincing people that he isnt going to raise your taxes and that he cares but dont let the smooth taste fool ya...he is a lawyer "liar"...he has all the media on his side abc, cbs,nbc,msnbc,cnn, and all those morons like rachel maddow al sharpton, ed shultz on msnbc oh and dont forget chris mathews who has a thrill up his leg for obama he wants him to get elected again this election in 2012...they are all hypocrites,,,barackobamadotcom
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